Latex Hacks - Bag of Tricks

Steps to Highlight certain bibliography items with asterisk (for example) marks

  • Add keywords={important} in a particular entry in .bib file.


        author       = {Bar},
        title        = {Bar},
        booktitle    = {Bar},
        year         = {2017},
        keywords     = {important},
  • Add the following command in the preamble section


How to Add Markdown Support in Latex

  • Add markdownpackage in the preamble

  • Now you can create a markdown file, add all your contents and style in makrdown and link the .md file in the document section of your latex file using this command \markdownInput{}

  • With the hybrid parameter, you can use latex code inside your markdown. Also, you need to escape latex-special characters if you choose to use hybrid parameter.

  • For compiling, you need to add --shell-escapeparameter from command-line like this:

    pdflatex --shell-escape main.tex
  • You can also use a makefile, if you want to generate bibliography. Here’s a sample Makefile:

    	pdflatex --shell-escape main.tex
    	bibtex main
    	pdflatex --shell-escape main
    	pdflatex --shell-escape main
    	rm -f *.pdf
    	rm -f *.dvi
    	rm -f *.toc
    	rm -f *.aux
    	rm -f *.bbl
    	rm -f *.log
    	rm -f *.blg
    	rm -f *.bak
    	rm -f *.out
    	rm -f *.ps
    	rm -f *.synctex.gz
  • For more, check overleaf

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