Notes and Resources on Differential Privacy

Lecture Slides/Videos

  1. This introductory slides and video from Prof. Daniel Kifer is really great to understand the mathematical intuition behind epsilon-DP and DP in general.
  2. NIST has started a blog series on differential privacy engineering program, worth checking out.
  3. Another blog series by Damien Desfontaines
  4. Like 👍 this lecture slides by Prof. Roger Grosse from UofT.
  5. Anonymity: A Formalization of Privacy l-Diversity – Interesting analysis of applying anonymity techniques on a dataset collected from Android users.
  6. Programming Differential Privacy: A book about differential privacy, for programmers 🔥 ❤️
Sajid Rahman
Sajid Rahman
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My research interests include software security & privacy engineering, deep learning, and human-centered computing.