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About me:

I'm a 3rd-year PhD student in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida.

Last summer, I was a research associate at The Topos Institute.

I graduated with my Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky in 2021, summa cum laude.

Luke Morris presenting at the SIAM CSE23 conference.

My advisor here in Gainesville is Dr. James Fairbanks of the GATAS Lab.

My Current Research Involves:

A little more about me:

I received my Bachelor's in Computer Science at the University of Kentucky (UK) in May, 2021. While at UK, I completed an internship and a co-op, both at the intersection of Hydrology and computer science. Before the March 2020 travel ban with Europe, I was briefly an exchange student in Berlin. After graduating, I completed an internship via the DoD's HPC Modernization Program, working on Computer Vision tasks. My professional experiences have inspired me to study under Dr. James Fairbanks to explore how the field of Applied Category Theory (a collection of useful abstractions for computer scientists and mathematicians) can improve simulations in hydrology and other disciplines at large scale. At Lawrence Livermore National Lab, I performed Opinion Dynamics and computer science research. My most recent internship was with The Topos Institute, where I implemented the 3D Discrete Exterior Calculus for use in Multiphysics Simulations. I am currently collaborating with Space Weather experts to produce models of the ionosphere.

Some photos:

A dairy calf playing with a ball.
My first research experience as a freshman at the University of Kentucky was spent analyzing dairy calf feeding data, remotely-collected via RFID tags. This calf is playing with a ball in her pen.

A view of Berlin's Siegessaule with rollerbladers in the foreground. A view of Berlin's Siegessaule.
The streets of Berlin are famously closed for the Berlin Marathon every year. Here you can see some participants from the rollerblading competition. If you look in the background, you can see the Siegessäule, one of Berlin's most famous landmarks.

A pond at the University of Florida. A baby alligator basking by a pond.
The University of Florida campus is home to lots of wildlife. Every so often you can spy an alligator, such as this baby gator basking, camouflaged, on the bank of the aptly-named Gator Pond.

Eucalyptus grove in Berkeley, CA.
Despite Berkeley being mostly urbanized, there exists a grove of eucalyptus trees between UC Berkeley's campus and the rest of downtown.

Luke Morris presenting at the SIAM CSE23 conference.
One of the best parts of my job is sharing our group's work with the research community. Here, I am presenting at a conference for computational scientists.

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An image of an alligator basking on a rock