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May 2010 - Master of Science in Computer Engineering University of Florida
                  Advisor: Dr. Jorg Peters

Jun 2008 - Bachelor of Science in Compute Engineering Tianjin University
                  Advisor: Dr. Jiawan Zhang

Working Experience 

May 2010 to Present: Software Development Engineer at AMD Boston Design Center

Jan 2010 to May 2010: Research Assistant in Department of CISE at UF

May 2009 to Dec 2009: Internship at AMD/ATI Orlando

Project List

Efficient Pixel-Accurate Rendering of Curved Surfaces
Young In Yeo , Lihan Bin and Jörg Peters
Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games(I3D), 2012

Hardware Tessellator Plugin for Maya
The Maya Tessellator Plug-in allows users of Autodesk's Maya to take advantage of FirePro Graphics GPU tessellation hardware.

DirectX 11 Reyes Rendering
Photo-Realistic Rendering - Shadow, Environment Reflection, Displacement Mapping
Adaptive Tessellation
Micropolygon Rendering
Motion Blur and Camera Defocus

 - ProjectGaia
ProjectGaia is an Object-oriented 3D graphics rendering engine developed for the game project - Nirvana for ImagineCup 2008. Octree Scene Manager, Particle system, Phong Lighting, Animation Control, Instanced Rendering, Realistic Water and Level of Detail (LoD) based Terrain Rendering.

Wheelchair Simulator
We built a simulator that allows users to experience being wheelchair bound. We performed a pilot study to compare the effect of a manual versus an electric wheelchair on presence and distance estimation in a virtual environment. In the study, users had to navigate through a few city blocks to meet a friend at a hotel. They also had to provide distance estimates to objects along the way.

 - Head-Mounted Virtual Reality project
A Virtual Reality experience where you as a fireman rescue someone from a house on fire using HMD device and optical tracking system

 - Augmented Virtual Reality project
This program simulates Newton’s law of motion by using Augmented Reality technology.

 - Maya Plugin - Bi-Cubic Surface Construction on Quad Mesh
This plugin takes quad mesh as input and generate C1 continuous Bi-Cubic Bezier Mesh
Original Paper