Ph. D. student (Advisor: Dr. My Thai), member of Optima Network Science Lab,
Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering,
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Research interests

My interests lie in optimization problems within complex networks, particularly problems resulting from network reliability. Many such problems are NP-hard, so I am interested in the formulation of efficient algorithms with a worst-case performance guarantee. For approximation algorithms, efficiency is taken to mean "solvable in polynomial-time"; however, I am also interested in highly scalable algorithms capable on running on massive networks with billions of edges and nodes. In this context, I am also interested in social networks and the propagation or diffusion of information on them.

Here is a word cloud generated from the content of my papers:

activation algorithm approximation average clustering coefficient communication complex computation cost edge estimator exists expected external failure generalized graph greedy guarantee influence instance lemma length max model network nodes number optimal pair path performance probability problem proof propagation random removal results samples seed size social solution threshold value vertex vulnerability work
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