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CoEng depts:  
  • BME   Christine Schmidt
  • ChemE   Richard Dickinson
  • Civil-Coastal-Environ (Sch Sustainable Infra+Env)   Hatfield
  • CISE   Gader (interim)
  • ECE   John Harris
  • Ind Sys E   Joseph Hartman
  • Material   Simon Phillpot
  • Mech Aero   David Hahn
  • Nuclear   defunct?   AgBio (IFAS)

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    forbes: "Florida can focus on orange groves and golf courses"

    centralization = control of information flow   OPP: distributed and fault tolerant
    merger = control by few   OPP: pluralistic and diverse
    re-organization = control of academic independence   OPP: celebration of individual ingenuity
    seven break-through solutions
    tex1 and tex2