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The Marlais Dylan Interpreter

Painting of Dylan Thomas by Rupert Shepard.

The Marlais Dylan interpreter is a straightforward implementation of a programming strongly resembling the Dylan programming language, an object-oriented dynamic language. It is copylefted software that was originally developed by Brent Benson of Harris Computer Systems (

Information about the Dylan language and related projects at Apple Computer is available from Apple's Developer Products Group web page.

Marlais Version 0.5.x

This version, whose primary author is, is available for anonymous ftp from internet hosts.

Many features were added since the last version. A recap of the differences between the language supported by marlais-0.5 and Dylan is available to be browed.


Patrick Beard has produced a Macintosh implementation of the Marlais interpreter that supports various extensions and provides an extremely nice user interface for the Mac.

Other Dylan Implementations

The CMU Gwydion project has produced the Mindy (Mindy Is Not Yet Dylan) dylan compiler.
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