University of Florida Image Algebra Project


The University of Florida Image Algebra Project was a research project of the University of Florida's Center for Computer Vision and Visualization. The Image Algebra Project had as its goal, the development of a concise, coherent algebra which can be employed to solve problems in the image processing and computer vision (IP/CV) domain.

Image algebra development at the University of Florida led to a number of interesting and significant theoretical advances and to a progression of software tools. Current work includes a C++ class library (iac++) supporting use of image algebra for IP/CV application programming. Work on image algebra began at the University of Florida in 1984. It has been supported by the Air Force (under EGLIN AFATL/DLMI, and currently the Eglin Wright Laboratory Armament Directorate's Munitions Guidance Systems Division EGLIN WL/MNGS) and DARPA. Current sponsorship is under contract F08635-89-C-0134 of the United States Air Force. We hope to be able to continue work on the image algebra under the HAL project.

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