Jeffrey Ho

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Room 360 CSE building
University of Florida, Gainesville

Phone: (352) 505-1889

Research Interests

Computer Vision



Spring, 2012 COT4501 Numerical Analysis
Fall, 2011 CIS6930 Stochastic Processes in Machine Learning
Spring, 2011 COT4501 Numerical Analysis
Fall, 2010 CIS 6930 Mathematical Programming
Spring, 2010 COT4501 Numerical Analysis
Fall, 2008 CAP5416 Computer Vision
Spring, 2009 COT3100 Discrete Math
Fall, 2008 CIS6930 Computational Algebraic Geometry
Spring, 2008 COT4501 Numerical Analysis
Fall, 2007 CIS6930 Advanced Topics in Computer Vision
Spring, 2007 CAP5416 Computer Vision
Fall, 2006 COT4501 Numerical Analysis
Spring, 2006 CIS6930 Computational Topology
Fall, 2005 COT4501 Numerical Analysis
Spring, 2005 CIS6930 Advanced Topics in Computer Vision
Fall, 2004 CAP 4621 Artificial Intelligence

Last updated May 20, 2010.