This is a photo of Imani Sherman in a green top.

Imani Sherman

User Experience Researcher

I am a Human-Centered Computing doctoral candidate at the University of Florida in the Human Experience Research Lab . I am currently advised by Dr.Juan Gilbert and Dr.Patrick Traynor . I graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's degree in Computer Science Technology from Kentucky State University . My research interests include Public Policy, Information Security, Computer Science Education, Educational Technologies, Voting Technologies, Cybersecurity, and Minorities in STEM. My goal is to improve and alleviate the security and privacy concerns of those most vulnerable.

Recent Publications

You can download my CV here.


AuthentiCall Redesign

Purpose: Authenticall is an unreleased app developed by FICS researchers to provide end to end authenticated calling. I was tasked with creating a new app layout and color scheme based on user feedback.

Tools Used: Android Studio

Screenshot of the redesigned AuthentiCall app Screenshot of the old AuthentiCall app that used a lock symbol and x mark to communicate safe and unsafe calls respectively.

Password Conformity

Purpose: Research shows that the opinions and pressure of others can be used to persuade people to make choices they might not necessarily agree with. Our goal is to determine if this applies to password selection using a virtual environment.

Tools Used: Unity, Axure

Screenshot of the virtual people used in our virtual environment Screenshot of the board used in our virtual environment

Culturally Relevant Game Design

Purpose:: Research shows that acknowledging the culture and the community you are teaching will help students in that community to flourish. The same applies to technology. We explore culturally responsive research, highlight the themes within its three dimensions , and construct practical ways in which developers can make games more inclusive and motivate users to learn

Tools Used: Excel

Visualition showing the 9 dimensions used in our study. This included Verve, spirituality, orality, communalism, harmony, affect, social time perspective, individualism, and movement


Purpose: The Lawrence Livermore National Lab used an internally developed and maintained software for scheduling items for shipment. We identified current barriers and redesigned the system to reduce those barriers.

Tools Used:Gimp, Balsamiq

This image displays the redesigned ShipIt app and website along with the one of the personas used. The redesigned application is blue and white

Security & Demonetization

Purpose: For this project I reverse engineered banking apps created for citizens of India and reviewed app code to identify areas of concern.

Tools Used: Mallodroid

This is a screen shot of a bank note demonitized by the Government of India Screenshot highlights an error in code where a mobile money app trusts all certificates

Implicit Bias

Purpose: This research investigates the idea of implicit bias towards algorithms through image analysis. Participants were asked to take a survey that asked if they agreed with the analysis of an expert graphic artist or image processing algorithm on the validity of an image.

Tools Used:R, Gimp, Qualtrics

This image displays one of the photos used in our implicit bias study along with the edited image. The image shows a row of bicycles. The edited version has added an additional seat to one of the bikes.

Password Creation

Purpose: For this project I developed a password generator (3Keys) that provides multiple password types.

Tools Used: Jacascript

Screenshots of a password generator I created called 3Keys. The screen shows the various options a users can choose from and the password options provided

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