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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Power Has Driven Me Mad
Posted by: Joss - Dec 16, 2001, 8:05 AM
Hey ho.

Re: title, just wanted to say hi after another gruelling filming experience. Except no gruel. Just film. Just the happiest filming experience I could have had, doing episode 13 of Angel. (The other show. It's on the Double you Bee - will this site explode if I plug it? You know comma, I spend more time on Buffy, though I work hard on Angel stories and cuts and all. Greenwalt and Minear (topplingly huge brains to a man) have the show well in hand, and I hadn't even intended to shoot one this year, so I don't see the crew much, and the cast only socially. But I got sucked into doing one and what a joy that set is exclamation point! What a magical experience! And the episode centers around EXACTLY the sort of thing our young male action-oriented audience CRAVES: Ballet!

Power has driven me mad!

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