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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for March 11, 2007

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:38:10 2007)
heading off to bed...it's been 10 years,
I'm getting old!

Hollyn: The Midwest in spring...very nice.

Beldin: Check 'em out. Other than the
machine I described (hardware issue that
later models have fixed), I love Macs. I'm
posting on my MacBook Pro right now. Easy
for a tech-tard like myself to use! *g*

Ebdim9th: =)

FSM CDMan: "Dad" is now a married man.
Have to drop him a line myself.

Good times today. Old friends and new. I
feel great!

Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:07:12 2007)
FSM CDMan: Things are well. I haven't been
to that store for a while. I must go there
soon. Your name came up a few times today
(in a good way!). Wish you'd been there.

Ebdim9th: I like the colors. I was just saying
today that I used to post without to not
appear like I was "uppity" but the aesthetics
won out tonight! =)

Beldin: Been there. I just had to delve into
the guts of my iMac to solve a power
problem tonight. I'm an admitted Mac-snob
(just because you don't have to know any
computer-ese to be a power user on them)
but that machine has been one problem after

Hollyn: Not to rub it in (like you know I do
on LJ!) but it's 63 degrees at 11:05 pm.
*basking in the Cali warm* ;-)

Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:41:58 2007)
Beldin: Sounds like fun! I actually enjoy
doing comp stuff (but I'm a little strange
*g*). DV is working on new stuff. It's
starting to take shape. My solo record is
available on iTunes (just type in Jymm
Thomas and it'll take you there). There may
be a few physical copies left at CDBaby.com
(again, search for my name).

Ebdim9th: Hello to ya! =)

Hollyn: We missed ya today! Come back to
the Golden State soon...and good luck on the

Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:25:56 2007)
Beldin: What's happening?

Hollyn: How ya doin'? Hope all is well.

Tell your friends about IRL. It's really good!

Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:08:39 2007)
Happy 10th Annie, Buffy!!!!

Thanks to Joss for changing my life. Great to
see some of you today as well.


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