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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for November 29, 2006

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Jymm says:
(Thu Nov 30 03:11:15 2006)
Edited: Thu Nov 30 03:14:19 2006
wolfguard: Top o' the evenin' to ya.

Icelord: And to you!

slayerdaddy: Your footage looks great! Some snippets may make the DVD. Our performance that
evening wasn't one of the top of the last 10 years so I don't think any full songs will be there, though.

ShadowQuest: I don't have my iTunes drive hooked up to this comp right now but I believe it's "Kiss
kill me something something" *d'oh*. I don't even know the lyrics on my own new record yet! Thanks
for the kind words, BTW. Remind me to check next time you see me on the board and I'll
decipher what I can.

Beldin: The next comics I have on my list to read are Kenickie's Phonogram and Long Hot Summer.
to find reading time (Dune is easy cuz I already know the story!).

Lisa_H: Heya! Deep into the holiday busy...

Christopher Marlowe: Thanks for the James Taylor heads-up. I just set the DVR.

Gotta jet for the evening (I'll try to get that "Sanctuary" stuff up before bed).

Check out my new solo CD, That Sudden Stop
here. A perfect holiday gift (well, it's a nice
one anyway!).

Jymm says:
(Thu Nov 30 02:16:10 2006)
Hey Mar!

slayerdaddy: If memory serves, you ran the
camera for us at the W&H party in 2004,

Beldin: Alas, no Fray yet! Don't tell anyone
but I've never read a Harry Potter book,
either (but I've seen all the films many times).
I am reading the Dune books for the
first time as an adult (a lot goes over your
head when you're 12-14) so my sci-fi cred is
intact! *g*

Jymm says:
(Thu Nov 30 01:54:23 2006)
Beldin: Thanks! Anything that gets me back
in the comic store is a good thing. Have to
check out the Fray stuff.

OldManFan: Thanks for ordering! They send
funny stuff on our end, too. I love that they
are proudly indie.

Christopher Marlowe: I hear ya. Guess what
my family is getting for Christmas? ;-)
hint: it's round and shiny and I made it

Jymm says:
(Thu Nov 30 01:24:20 2006)
Hello to all my friends and those who will be!
(my old comp ate my SO list but you gotta know
I luvs ya all!)

Quick shout back to Christopher Marlowe from
earlier this morning.

How's everyone?

Jymm says:
(Wed Nov 29 09:12:48 2006)
Hello Beta!

Been a long time and I'm sure a lot of you are like, "who the heck is this purple guy?", but this week has
seen two very cool events to trigger my return....Joss announcing the "Season 8" comics and the release of
my first solo EP titled That Sudden Stop. It's available at CDBaby.com (the CD, not the comic!)
and is a limited edition release, signed and numbered by me.

Oh yeah, "who's this purple jerk?"...I'm Jymm Thomas, guitarist and co-founder of Darling Violetta who
composed and performed the theme to "Angel". No, DV did not break up, we're working on record
number 4 and finishing the DV DVD (both of which are currently untitled). The DVD will feature
performance footage from PBP 2003 and an earlier PBP pre-party, FYI.

You can listen to samples of That Sudden Stop (and buy it!)

Good to be back!

Erika Amato says:
(Tue Nov 28 06:42:43 2006)
Edited: Tue Nov 28 06:44:44 2006
Thoin: I have an extremely nice car, now, so I'm more careful. :-)

Zeus: Hiya! I'm great, thanks. You should come see me in one of my musicals one of these days. Do you get my e-mails about those sorts of things?

ETA: I missed your post earlier, Lisa H! Sorry about that. I'm quite well, thank you. Hope all is well with you, too.

Erika Amato says:
(Tue Nov 28 06:16:47 2006)
Beldin: Yes, it has. Yay!
ShadowQuest: I just said I was on the show, and that I'd be interested in hearing more about the con. That's it.
Thoin: LOL... I drive just fine, thank you very much. :-P


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