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Bronze Beta VIP Archive for September 21, 2006

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Erika Amato says:
(Thu Sep 21 00:08:20 2006)
Off to rehearsal...be back later. =)

Erika Amato says:
(Wed Sep 20 23:53:19 2006)
ShadowQuest: Awwwwwwwwwww... I'm glad you think I'm worth it! :-)

Christopher Marlowe: Fantastic! I hope your finances improve mostly because I know what that's like (ick) and don't wish poor finances on anyone, but yay if you can buy a CD!

ACOLYTE: Oh, well, thank you! It was a labor of love, really.

Erika Amato says:
(Wed Sep 20 23:24:35 2006)
ShadowQuest: Ah... Well, as I warned you when you told me you'd have to write check, that particular method of payment would mean a longer wait to receive your order, since I only go check that mailbox about once a week or so. I went down and checked it on Tuesday the 12th, and your order wasn't there yet. :-P I'll be sure to go check again by the end of this week, and I'll send your CD ASAP. =)

Beldin: Thanks so much!!

Erika Amato says:
(Wed Sep 20 22:56:22 2006)
Edited: Wed Sep 20 23:00:59 2006
Huh. Must've forgotten to type the correct password before... Please see my non-colorific post below. ;-)

Erika Amato says:
(Wed Sep 20 21:19:24 2006)
Thanks, Dianne!

No problem, ChristopherMarlowe... I really appreciate the support, and I certainly don't want you to get in trouble with the overlords. ;-)

Erika Amato says:
(Wed Sep 20 21:04:46 2006)
Hey, guys! How is everybody today?

So, Velvet Chain is being featured on a new podcast called "8 Plays A Week," and if we can get the most votes and stay in the top spot for 3 weeks running, we'll get an entire podcast devoted to us and our music! (Which translates into more exposure, which is always a good thing, right?) =)

We won week number one (thank you to everyone who already clicked), so please keep clicking on our song if you have a minute.

Just go here: http://www.yakkyakk.com/8playsaweek.html

Click on "Sea Of Tranquility." Every single listen counts as a vote, so feel free to click multiple times. ;-)

Thanks so much!


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