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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for July 3, 2006

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

RD says:
(Sat Jul 1 07:41:47 2006
Beldin: No injuries. I'm a pretty solid guy. But it was on hell of a ride!!!!!!

Australia was fun..... of course i was working the first four days.... but the people i met there ROCKED. I wouldn't mind living there. Nice, nice, FUN, group!!

Of course, Michelle, kept me in the pubs playing the pokies most of the time... LOL.

hee hee hee,


RD says:
(Sat Jul 1 04:55:44 2006
ValMichael: How are you?

I haven't been on (well watching what's going on - lurking that is for you old timers) in a month plus because of the trip to Australia and then the computer crash followed by the car wreck i was in. oy....

Miss the old days and a new debate... lol... but of course i always side-stepped those :-)

off to scroll,

Dingos - the other white meat!!

by the way... roo tastes great!!!!! had it with Jonathon, Matt & Jewel... Jewel is off doing the "Tribe" now... look for her in a bikini!!!! (sorry Matt... couldn't help myself with that spoiler - i'll send you a good pinot noir)


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