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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for April 21, 2006

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Steve DeKnight says:
(Thu Apr 20 23:32:58 2006)
Holy crap! I am in green sweet!

Out of here,

Steve DeKnight says:
(Thu Apr 20 23:32:12 2006)
Hello, you magnificent Bronzers! Long time no talk! What can I say? That Superman crap keeps me busy. Anyway, I was doing a DVD commentary with James Marsters for one of my episodes of Smallville and it got me all nostalgic for the good `ol Pantsless Fridays. Okay, so it's Thursday. Sue me.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I've set up a myspace account to try to keep in touch with all the fans of Buffy, Angel, and Smallville. Kind of a one-stop DeKnight emporium, since I often don't have enough time to visit all the different forums. Plus you can see pics of my shaved head, my lovely fiancée, and Foxy Bear. What's a Foxy Bear? Drop on in and find out:


All right, I'm putting my pants back on. I'd love to hang out for a while, but my fiancée has me doing this aerial fitness class. Trapeze and stuff. Probably break my freaking neck.

Love you guys,

PS: I have no idea how to work those special VIP colors anymore. So just imagine I'm a pretty green!


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