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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for February 5, 2006

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Erika Amato says:
(Sun Feb 5 18:01:09 2006)
Hey, Beldin: =)

AngelicSlayer23: Hi, there! Well, thanks for the support, even though you can't make it. =) As for the SuperBowl, I haven't been paying much attention, as I've been in rehearsals pretty much daily - we actually are rehearsing all day today, too (I have to leave shortly). But if pressed, I'd say I'm rooting for the Steelers, if for no other reason that they're an old-school team from the East. Yay, Pittsburgh! ;-)


If you notice that I've missed some VIP postings, please feel free to send me some e-mail, and tell me the VIP's name as well as the date and time that they posted.