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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for December 24, 2005

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Erika Amato says:
(Fri Dec 23 06:13:45 2005)
ShadwoQuest: No offense taken. Our prices are pretty cheap, though. $10 to $12 in general. Anyway, as for the links, our webmaster switched severs recently, so if you had our site bookmarked, all those addy's are now defunct. (The ones that had lama.com and lamusic.com extensions) You need to start fresh with http://www.velvetchain.com =)

Icelord: Merry Christmas! No, I'm not in a show right now. Just caroling, caroling (now we go, Christmas bells are ringing...).

OK, really gone now. ;-)

Erika Amato says:
(Fri Dec 23 06:09:31 2005)
OK, I have to sing for several hours in the AM, so it's off to bed...

G'night everybody!


Erika Amato says:
(Fri Dec 23 05:50:50 2005)
Hi, Gothic Avenger!

ShadowQuest: Well, yay! I'm so glad you were able to listen to some of our stuff. You know, you can order any and all of our albums directly from us at our website: www.velvetchain.com We ship worldwide. =)

Christopher Marlowe: Actually, no. I've received two different invitations for New Year's Day parties, but nothing for New Year's Eve. I think Jeff and I may be mellow this year and just go out to dinner.

Erika Amato says:
(Fri Dec 23 05:02:14 2005)
ShadowQuest: You didn't miss me! Here I am! =)

notsoShyGirl: Isn't it pretty?

Beldin: Thanks for the lovely compliment! *blush*

Menomegirl: Thank you!

Erika Amato says:
(Fri Dec 23 02:55:57 2005)
Edited: Fri Dec 23 02:59:16 2005
Good evening, wolfguard. =)

Christopher Marlowe It's called Menorah, Menorah and it's a beautiful ballad, with gorgeous harmonies, mostly in minor keys. I'm not sure who composed it... Here are the lyrics:

Menorah, Menorah shine into the night
And brighten the world with your Hannukah light
Proclaim to all people who happen to see
Your symbol of faith, and the right to be free
Menorah, Menorah each taper you hold
Shouts out the story, the glory of old
Rekindling our faith with your own special glow
Like the lamp in the temple did long, long ago
Rekindling our faith
With your own special glow

Erika Amato says:
(Fri Dec 23 02:42:52 2005)
Hi, OldManFan!

VampSlayer: LOL! Is that a real song? I've never heard it, but if it's real, I'd love to check it out! =)

This pic's not quite as cute ('cause it's an action shot of us singing Happy Birthday to someone, and no-one looks good with their mouth open) but it's in color (as opposed to that b&w one I colorized in Photoshop).

Caroling Action Shot

Erika Amato says:
(Fri Dec 23 02:28:15 2005)
Christopher Marlowe: Actually, I'm still singing them. It's my job this time of year. (I've done 26 gigs so far, and I have two to go!) We have a repertoire of over 65 memorized songs, from traditionals like Adeste Fideles, Here We Come A-Caroling and Ding Dong Merrily On High to jazz arrangements of White Christmas, Merry Christmas Darling, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, etc. We also do more generic wintery songs like Baby It's Cold Outside, Sleigh Ride, Winter Wonderland, My Favorite Things, etc. And we have one truly gorgeous Hannukah song. =)

valMichael: Why, thank you!

Erika Amato says:
(Fri Dec 23 02:10:51 2005)
MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR from the goofy green caroler! (Me!)

And a happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan & Winter Solstice to all!

Pic of Erika caroling @ Disneyland

Hope all is well! =)



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