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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for February 15, 2005

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Erika Amato says:
(Mon Feb 14 04:41:52 2005)
Edited: Mon Feb 14 04:42:46 2005
Hi, Princess of Darkness! Good luck with the new songs!

slayerdaddy: It is indeed interesting. Very cool stuff.

Must go eat a late supper, now (it's 8:45pm here). Ciao to all!


Erika Amato says:
(Mon Feb 14 04:15:09 2005)
Christopher Marlowe: Nothing super fancy...Jeff and I are planning to go out to a Japanese restaurant we really like. =) How about you?

Erika Amato says:
(Mon Feb 14 03:56:35 2005)
Hi, ShadowQuest! Nope, no snow at all. It was about 70 today. Not too shabby. =)

Christopher Marlowe: Awesome. It should be ready very soon.

Erika Amato says:
(Mon Feb 14 03:43:13 2005)
Christopher Marlowe: Nope, not right now. Maybe over the summer? I'm still working part-time down at Disneyland, and of course I'm auditioning like crazy, and I'm also tutoring a young actor in French (fun job), and Jeff's busy finishing a brand-new EP that's going to kick some serious ***. It's called "Space Patrol." It's awesome.

Hi, slayerdaddy! You know, the organizer raised a bunch of money that night, and donated it to the LASPC(it was all in cash), and he was just so thrilled with the results that I was a loser and didn't follow up to find out an address for you to donate. I'm sorry! =(

Hi, Beldin!

Hello, The Partyman! How goes it? Happy V-day!


If you notice that I've missed some VIP postings, please feel free to send me some e-mail, and tell me the VIP's name as well as the date and time that they posted.