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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for January 30, 2005

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 11:04:08 2005)
Old One: Props to you and yours. I've
known many IRANIAN expatriates for years
and this is the best thing to happen in our
lifetimes....I'm sure the historians will get it
right even if the journalists don't...

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 10:52:34 2005)
Old One: Semper Fi (and it's Canadian
equivaent) much props to our boys (and
girls) risking their lives for all of us in the

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 10:32:48 2005)
Old One: Cami's folk is from the Edmonton
side of things.....gotta give props to all who
serve, however.

I have two cousins who've served....one is
home now and the other is still in the
field....he's taken a bullet for the cause (God
bless Kevlar)...and today is a day for the
history books....

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 10:19:15 2005)
ShadowQuest: Being pretty in L.A. is the
ultimate....didn't quite make it....I may have
to go the Billy Bob route...

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 10:16:23 2005)
ShadowQuest: Yep. Sucks especially cuz I'm
the only member of the band who actually is
a fan of ALL 3 SHOWS!

Oh Well, hats off to being pretty....

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 09:54:53 2005)
Niblet: I attempt philosophy at every
turn...trying for the Jim Jones/Manson

You never stop trying til you stop
breathing....if that's philosophical then call
me Aristotle.....

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 09:40:18 2005)
VampSlayer: Nice to meet ya, too.

Shan: Oz is on the short-list with the UK and
NZ (I'll never be guilty of lumping Oz and NZ
as I've known many folks from both!!!!!)

Old One: Gotta send love to Canada....Cami's
family is from there....are you with her
Majesty's military?

GothicAvenger: I'm the very blonde one...

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 08:52:26 2005)
ShadowQuest: That's too bad.....same deal
on the Angel S5 DVD....they got Cami and
Steve (he's not even in the band anymore!)
but I'm not very photogenic so it's ok....I'll
take Linda Perry's life!

Old One: International is what we're all
about....don't you just hate those lyric-
centric bands...MUSIC is the international
language. Where ya at?

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 08:38:35 2005)
Niblet: School....I remember
school.....everyday is school if you want to be
the best....

GothicAvenger: it is a warm 51. It can
sometimes get down to 45 around here!

VampSlayer: Yep. I'm pretty jazzed about the
soundtrack. I have yet to hear the fully
mixed version of the extended theme but I'm
sure it's kewl.

The recording was quite fun...

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 08:22:51 2005)
GothicAvenger: Not to rub it in, but it's 51
degrees right now just after midnight.

Hey, I grew up in Kentucky and lived for two
years in Boston so I can feel your pain....just
not right now!

That sucks that they pre-empted Buffy with

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 08:15:28 2005)
Ok, I'm severly HTML challenged....

go to


Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 08:12:06 2005)
GothicAvenger: Yikes! Freezing is bad
enough, but not having the NHL this year is
just criminal....Redwings are my 4th fave

VampSlayer: I'm of the purple because I'm
one the the folks who wrote the theme to
Angel and we were also featured in "Faith,
Hope, & Trick" in Buffy Season 3.....and I
don't have a confirmation but our song "Blue
Sun" may have lent itself to Joss naming a
certain evil corporation in Firefly.

[a href="http://
www.darlingvioletta.com"]The Darling
Violetta Home Office[/a]

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 07:57:59 2005)
Shan: It's not yet Monday here in Los
Angeles. I hope to make it to Australia
sometime soon. Being a fan of AC/DC and
Rob Kral and all.... :-)

...and Fosters!

Jymm says:
(Mon Jan 31 07:46:02 2005)
Hey All!

What's the haps on this Sunday eve?


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