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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for May 20, 2004

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Nancy Holder says:
(Thu May 20 07:24:45 2004)
Oh, now I'm laughing. I did NOT think I
would leave here tonight laughing.
Thank you!

Nancy Holder says:
(Thu May 20 07:20:11 2004)
Not to put too fine a point on it, but in
publishing, we have ratings, too. If the
sales for B/A books decrease, they'll
stop publishing them. So the editors
are crossing their fingers. They're
fans, too.

I gotta go to bed. I'd love to stay up all
night--I'm pretty sad--but I have a first-
grader who starts school at 7:45.

Good night.

Nancy Holder says:
(Thu May 20 07:18:19 2004)
Not to put too fine a point on it, but in
publishing, we have ratings, too. If the
sales for B/A books decrease, they'll
stop publishing them. So the editors
are crossing their fingers. They're
fans, too.

Nancy Holder says:
(Thu May 20 07:05:24 2004)
I was approached by an editor at
Random House, who knew my work as
a horror writer. She said she was
bidding on the rights to "a new show
that's on at 8 o'clock" and asked me if I
was interested. I knew immediately
that it was Buffy, which had aired about
2 weeks earlier. I said of course. I
called Christopher Golden and we
decided to present ourselves as a
team. RH didn't bid high enough, but
thank goodness Simon and Schuster
did. We found out who the editor was
and got in touch immediately. We
faxed her some ideas and got a
contract within 24 hours. Then we
wrote Halloween Rain, which was the
first original Buffy novel, in 3 and a half
weeks. Including reading scripts. But
we did it. And I have been working for
S&S on Buffy and Angel ever since.

I have interviewed almost all the
actors, and my coauthors have
interviewed the ones I haven't, with the
exception of SMG, and maybe Eliza
Dushku. I'm so tired I can't remember.
But I have some wonderful pix of me
vamping it up with ED at a PBP. I've
also interviewed the crew and staff. I
loved the crew. Of course my favorites
are the writers. And yes, I've iviewed
Joss. He even fixed my tape recorder
for me. He is a wonderful, generous
man, every bit as fun and bright as he
comes off when he posts. It was a
distinct thrill to visit both the
productions, and it never wore off.

Nancy Holder says:
(Thu May 20 06:41:17 2004)
There is going to be a third Buffy
Watcher's Guide. I was asked to write
an essay for it but i was too busy doing
HEAT. The essay that i originally
pitched ended up in SEVEN
Books. There is also a second
Casefiles but i didn't work on it. They
will be out soon. I'm about to complete
an essay on Spike's character in
season 5 for BenBella. And next week
i'm doing the keynote speech at
slayage, which is a gathering of
academics in Nashville. So I get to
enjoy the Buffyverse for a while to

Thanks for the nice comments. And
hey, Joss, thanks for the wonderful

Nancy Holder says:
(Thu May 20 06:30:16 2004)
Red, thanx. I have a new B/A
crossover in June, called HEAT. And
I'm doing a Buffy project right now.
Turned in a Tales of the Slayer about
Robin Wood's mom. So there is more
print coming out. They're not sure how
long they'll keep publishing. It
depends on how sales go. I had a
Spike-centric novel ready to go and
then news of the cancellation killed it.

Nancy Holder says:
(Thu May 20 06:23:22 2004)
B/A print author Nancy Holder
dropping in. There will be more books,
but it's hard to grasp that as far as TV
goes, it's all really over. Thanks to all
the fans who tried so hard to save
Angel. I loved the finale, which I
watched in the dark, all alone.

joss says:
(Thu May 20 05:26:55 2004)
Can't stay long. Wanted to say thank you one more time, to all of you except anyone who ever criticized anything ever at all. I came on these boards in Buffy's first year and the support -- and even the criticism -- has been more helpful than I can type. I set out in television with one simple goal: to purchase a russian bride. Didn't work out. Immigration stuff -- it's complicated. But I did get to make this show, and that other one, and that other other one, and meet some of the best artists and the best friends I've ever known.

I had dinner with Tim Minear the other night, and we talked about what kind of show we want to make next. And it always comes back to the same themes... people getting strength. People helping out. People being thankful for whatever they have, be it power, a decent life, or a fun-tastic russian bride. And I'm thankful that for the last eight years my cohorts and I got to feel like the superheroes. 'Cause of y'all. I don't know if the Buffyverse is going to return to TV, but I hope so, and I know we'll be putting SOMETHING out there. Maybe on HBO, 'cause I like me some cussin'.

Keep you posted.



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