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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for May 19, 2004

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Robert Kral (composer) says:
(Thu May 20 05:07:19 2004)

I really felt the need to log on
and drop by, lurk and scroll and
all that good stuff....

and everyone for a wonderful five

And thanks to THE BRONZE /
BRONZE BETA: this was a
fantastic and special place
indeed. Nice to know the hard
work is appreciated: this place
was not only fun but inspiring.

joss says:
(Thu May 20 03:18:51 2004)
Okay I still leave in the Grand Ty King tradition, but I DO have to work (or issue four of Astonishing X-Men will be three pages long, which I think is kind of not right.) BUT:

Kiba. You won't get lost.

And on the subject of Jordan Levin, i do want to say this much: I'm not down with his decision and I never will be, but I've worked with jordan since the start of Buffy and he has always been a supporter and a decent guy. His job is a soul-sucking nightmare. And he's not prom king tonight, no sir, but he's part of why we got to have ten years total of shows on that network -- shows that wouldn't have lasted for... well imagine if they were on Fox. So factor that in. Later on.

joss says:
(Thu May 20 03:04:33 2004)
I'll stop by after it airs on this coast, but I did want to thank you all for what I just scanned...

and LI'L PIA -- the 711 reference caught my eye, so i figure you're the one drawing the best book in comics. I hope Brian has conveyed my large love. (And I knew that tim conway thing was gonna bite me in the ***...)

Does that count as a spoiler?

I'm actually a little overwhelmed. I'm going back to work. I will post more later. -j.

joss says:
(Thu May 20 03:01:15 2004)

Steve DeKnight says:
(Thu May 20 02:13:44 2004)
Thanks to all you fine, fine people for watching our little show. The wonderful cast, crew, writers, and everyone else that worked so hard on Angel will miss each other -- and you guys -- very, very much.

I'm off to Fury's to watch the finale and shed a little tear for one damn fine piece of television. Thanks for letting me play with all your cool toys, Joss. You're the best.

For the last time: Poof, I say, poof!

Fury says:
(Wed May 19 22:09:05 2004)
Well, I must away. Take care, all. It's been fun. Enjoy ALIAS next year with Bell and Goddard, SMALLVILLE with DeKnight and THE SHIELD with Craft and Fein.

Ben Edlund and I will be opening a little ladies apparel boutique in Carmel next year. Hope you'll all patronize our little shop.


Fury says:
(Wed May 19 21:53:06 2004)
k8cre8 - Never enough violence. We're Americans, after all.

Fury says:
(Wed May 19 21:51:17 2004)
No. Thank YOU, winkerbean.

Hope everybody enjoys tonight's finale.

Fury says:
(Wed May 19 21:49:23 2004)
Irishrose - Ah, teenagers. Now there's something really scary.

Kessie - Thanks for the wishes, Kes. But I haven't taken any job. I'm bumming it for a while.

Cassandra - Winner calls it.

FaithFan - Nothing you can do about Buffy animated except pray and keep the "Faith." ;-)

Fury says:
(Wed May 19 21:35:26 2004)
Is Bell here, too?

Fury says:
(Wed May 19 21:34:46 2004)
Yep. It's me. Ran into a little technical difficulties trying to post, but Artie saved the day.

Just popped by to say so long, farewell and thanks for all the fish.

And to pick a fight if any of you punks want a go. C'mon! Yeah, I'm talking to you! ;-)


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