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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for March 3, 2004

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Steven DeKnight says:
(Thu Mar 4 04:15:06 2004)
Sweet. I'll drop back after the ep airs here. Love you all like Drew Goddard's butt.

- Stevie D

Steven DeKnight says:
(Thu Mar 4 04:08:57 2004)
Son of a monkey! Is this thing working now?!

Steven DeKnight says:
(Thu Mar 4 03:50:35 2004)
Still testing...

-mere- says:
(Wed Mar 3 20:46:02 2004|
IMMORTAL: dude, you have to stay out of my hyphens now! hasn't anyone told you how insanely jealous Steve is?

hey Corvus!

Princess of Darkness: ooh! free clothing! aw, dangit. and i had a sentence after that but then i thought, no, -mere-, this is a family board. i think my girl place just had a seizure!

k8cre8: "best driveby (you've) ever had"? isn't that like saying, "best multiple stabbing i've ever had"?

newt: *snerk*. you win.

must go, duties to... duty. boo-boop-ee-doo-boop!

-mere- says:
(Wed Mar 3 20:22:17 2004|
(may've killed the board, but least i didn't kill Tara...)

-mere- says:
(Wed Mar 3 20:04:45 2004|
hey gang!

just wanted to stop in and say a couple, three thangs, id est:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FENRIC! do love you so.

twoly, i had a wonderful time at the EMA party a couple weeks ago -- brava to those ladies! clap clap! *whistle* clap clap! always love myself a betty who's got the entertaining gene -- the one which i, sadly, having lived in the same house for three years without ever managing to plug in my stove, clearly lack. so y'all just go.

threely, tralfie, you big dummy, you're never alone! and just to give you the inside scoop on your W&H photos page, the one where you see Drew with "some person who works on Angel"? that "some person" is none other than superstar-producer-mogul-to-be Jeremy Lawson. peach of a guy, a real Southern Gent, and smart? hoo-boy! watch out for that kid...

hope all's well in Whoville. all's well in Whoreville.

no taggies, no taggies, STOP!

p.s. everybody watch my boyfriend's episode tonight! he's dreamy!


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