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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for February 18, 2004

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Drew Z. Greenberg says:
(Thu Feb 19 06:43:55 2004)
slayerdaddy, curious, aria -- Thanks all for the responses. We'll see what we can find.

Dachelle -- You're sweet. And the Michael Rosenbaum line IS already very, very long, but you can jump in over here -- right behind me.

Thanks everyone.

Drew Z. Greenberg says:
(Thu Feb 19 06:24:19 2004)
Hey, kids... some of you may not remember me. I used to hang out at the Buffy office a lot. See, it started when I wandered onto the lot trying to get Tom Lenk's autograph, and, well... that's a story for another time. Tonight I need help -- well, my friend Bill needs help. He's from New York, he's visiting San Diego (he SHOULD live in L.A. to be closer to, well, me, but that's a story, and possibly a letter-writing campaign, for another time)(although I think we're ALL busy with another letter-writing campaign right now, are we not?), and he says his local WB (apparently, there's a San Diego KTLA??) in San Diego played infomercials tonight instead of Angel. Does anyone in the San Diego area know if that station will play tonight's Angel later in the week? Or does someone with more proficiency on the whole interweb thing know how to find out? And do you guys think I should ask Bill why he's trying to find tonight's Angel but hasn't even mentioned tonight's Smallville? Forget that last one, but any help on a San Diego Angel replay for Bill would be most appreciated...

Also... big shout-out to my Angel peeps. My heart is kind breaking at the loss of this last vestige of the 'verse I still call home, and you know it must be sad times, because I resorted to using the word "peeps," which, let's be honest, always sounds weird when I say it.

Miss you guys. Thanks for the help...


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