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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Bronze Beta VIP Archive for January 14, 2004

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Drew Goddard says:
(Wed Jan 14 04:23:59 2004)
Do werewolves have werewolf babies? Would the little werewolf baby turn into a little puppy during full moons? That would be pretty cute. And also, deadly.

Uh-oh, I must leave you. I'll explain later. Actually, I probably won't. I'm a man of mystery.

But, as always, it's been an honor. Next time, I promise to be even more kickass.


Drew Goddard says:
(Wed Jan 14 02:07:48 2004)
Shadowspawn - I do have dreams of writing a novel. I also have dreams of shooting heat vision out of my eyes and getting all my laundry done.

Oh, here's a tip while I'm thinking of it - if you're ever taking a test and they ask if you'd rather have the power to fly or the power to turn yourself invisible, make sure you answer "the power to fly," even if it isn't true. Otherwise, they'll think you're a communist.

Catmint - Permission to Land is really important. Have you seen the "Growing On Me" video? I love when he catches the guitar after it shoots out of the lake. Oh, and when he's sitting on a horse for no reason. That's some good quality sitting on a horse for no reason.

Wolfguard loves Eve and Miracle of Snow Redemption doesn't seem to care for her. We better settle this once and for all. Okay... whoever writes the most compelling essay about Eve and mails it to Fury wins.

Drew Goddard says:
(Wed Jan 14 01:44:25 2004)
Anyone heard any good albums lately? Don't hold out on me.

Safarigirl - What? The online dating pool is shallow and disappointing? Next you're gonna tell me local Halo tournaments aren't a good place to meet girls.

Miracle of Snow Redemtion - Good suggestions. I couldn't help but notice, though, that they all involve something bad happening to Spike. I'm guessing it's because you love Spike so much you want to see him put through trials so he can triumph, making him more awesome than ever. Well, okay, if that's what you want...

Christopher Marlowe - Kolchak was a damn fine show. Enjoy.

RabidRaenn - Ouch. And ouch again. You have cut me with your sharp tongue. However, I did enjoy the part where you insinuated mean things about Fury. Bravo.

BlackMagickBitsy - I'm trying to get support for a spinoff where Seabassis's manservant fights crime with the bear from episode ten. Oh wait, you guys haven't seen episode ten. Never mind.

Dachelle - Don't ruin Celebrity Poker for me. Anxiously awaiting it tonight. Although I prefer World Poker Tour. We play a lot of Hold `Em here. Liz and Sarah keep cleaning me out. If you're at a table and those girls show up and pretend like they don't know what they're doing, get the hell out, you're about to be hustled.

Drew Goddard says:
(Wed Jan 14 00:26:46 2004)

A few questions/statements caught my eye. Please allow me to address them in this public forum:

-- Steve DeKnight is in no way taller than me. In fact, he's about half my size. If you stacked a Steve DeKnight on top of Steve DeKnight, we could headbutt each other like rams.

That's it.

What's new with you guys?


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