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Ahmed Helmy
Professor & Graduate Coordinator
Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) Department
Founder and Director: Mobile Networking Laboratory (NOMADS group)
College of Engineering, University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
email: helmy at ufl.edu

MobiBench (Benchmarking Mobility Models for Simulation and Design of Future Networks)

- Partially Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). NSF NeTS: Small: Award # 1320694.


  Main Personnel:
  • - Faculty: Ahmed Helmy (Principal Investigator and Main Supervisor)
  • - Current Students:
    • - Babak Alipour, Ph.D. student (lead student researcher for integrated traffic-mobility analysis for pedestrians).
    • - Roozbeh Ketabi, Ph.D. student (lead student researcher for the vehicular mobility analysis and simulation).
    • - Mimonah Al-Qathrady, Ph.D. student (lead student researcher for the indoor mobility, encounter estimation and infection tracing).

  Other Contributors and Collaborators:
  • - Current Collaborators:
    • - Jörg Ott, Professor and Chair of Connected Mobility, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany.
    • - Leonardo Tonetto, Ph.D. student, TUM - Aaron Ding, PostDoc, TUM - Ljubica Kaerkkaeinen, Ph.D. student, KTH
  • - Previous Students and Collaborators:
    • - Khalid Almuzaini, KACST, Riyadh, KSA - Pan Hui, HKUST & U. Helsinki - Damien Fay, Bournemouth U. - Tamer ElBatt, Cairo U.
    • - Students: Gautam Thakur, ORNL, TN - Saeed Moghaddam, Apple Inc, - Mai ElSherief, UCSB.

Research Publications, Outcomes, and Data

  • - Mobility Analysis & Modeling: (see also MobiLib, [More data and tools to be shared. Updates to be made soon!])
    1. B. Alipour, L. Tonetto, R. Ketabi, A. Ding, J. Ott, A. Helmy, "Flutes vs. Cellos: Analyzing Mobility-Traffic Correlations in Large WLAN Traces", IEEE INFOCOM, April 2018. (to appear) [Acceptance rate: 19%] [This study was driven by over 30TB of data].
    2. M. ElSherief, B. Alipour, M. Alqathrady, T. ElBatt, A. Zahran, A. Helmy, "A Novel Mathematical Framework for Similarity-based Opportunistic Social Networks", Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMC) Journal – Elsevier, pp. 134 – 150, Vol. 42, December 2017.
    3. S. Moghaddam, A. Helmy, “Interest-based Mining and Modeling of Big Mobile Networks”, In proceedings of IEEE Big Data Service (IEEE International Conference on Big Data Computing Service and Applications), March/April 2015. [Acceptance rate: ~25%]
    4. M. ElSherief, T. ElBatt, A. Zahran, A. Helmy, "An Information-theoretic Model for Knowledge Sharing in Opportunistic Social Networks", In proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Social Computing and Networking (SocialCom), December 2015.
    5. S. Moghaddam, A. Helmy, "Interest-aware Implicit Multicast (iCast): Opportunistic Mobile Data Dissemination Without Per-group Management", In proceedings of ACM MobiCom MobiArch (Mobility in the Evolving Internet Architecture Workshop), Sept 2014.
  • - Vehicular Mobility Analysis and Simulation:
    1. R. Ketabi, B. Alipour, A. Helmy, "En Route: Towards Vehicular Mobility Scenario Generation at Scale", In proceedings of the IEEE INFOCOM – SmartCity workshop, May 2017. (Avg. review score: 5/5).
    2. R. Ketabi, B. Alipour, A. Helmy, "Poster Abstract: En Route: Towards Trace-based Simulation of Vehicular Mobility", IEEE INFOCOM, May 2017. (Winner of The Best Poster Award).
    3. G. Thakur, P. Hui, A. Helmy, "Evidence of Long Range Dependence and Self-similarity in Urban Traffic Systems", In proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM SIGSPATIAL), November 2015. [Acceptance rate: ~18%]
    4. D. Fay, G. Thakur, P. Hui, A. Helmy, "Knowledge Discovery and Causality in Urban City Traffic: A study using Planet Scale Vehicular Imagery Data", In proceedings of ACM SIGSPATIAL IWCTS (Int'l workshop on Computational Transportation Science), November 2013. (Winner of The Best Paper Award) [Acceptance rate: 21%].
  • - Indoor Mobility & Encounter Analysis, and Smart Hospital Infection Tracing:
    1. M. Al-Qathrady, A. Helmy, "Improving BLE Distance Estimation and Classification using TX power and Machine Learning: A Comparative Analysis", In proceedings of the ACM MSWiM (International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems), November 2017.
    2. M. Al-Qathrady, A. Helmy, "Location-Centric Flow Flux for Improved Indoor Mobility Models", In proceedings of the IEEE INFOCOM – SmartCity workshop, May 2017.
    3. M. Al-Qathrady, A. Helmy, K. Almuzaini, "Infection Tracing in Smart Hospitals", Book chapter 16 in the book “The Internet of Things: Foundation for Smart City, eHealth and Ubiquitous Computing”, Eds. Armentano, Bhadoria, Chatterjee, Deka, by CRC, ISBN 9781498789028, 2017.
    4. M. Al-Qathrady, A. Helmy, “Poster Abstract: Location-Centric Flow Flux for Improved Indoor Mobility Models”, IEEE INFOCOM, May 2017.
    5. M. Al-Qathrady, A. Helmy, K. Almuzaini, "Infection Tracing in Smart Hospitals", In proceedings of the IEEE WiMob conference - e-Health Pervasive Wireless Applications and Services workshop (eHPWAS), Oct. 2016.

Privacy: No private information is contained in the traces used. Trace acquisition adhered to the IRB approval/exemption rules, and proper permissions were granted when needed.

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