Ganesh Viswanathan

UPDATE: I completed my Ph.D in Fall 2011 and will join Amazon EC2-Elastic Block Store.

Hi, I am a PhD Candidate in the Databases & Systems Research Lab at the Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville.

I work with Dr. Markus Schneider in the area of user-centric spatial data warehousing and OLAP. My other research interests include techniques for handling complex application objects in databases, and spatio-temporal data management.

During past summers, I have been an intern at (EC2-Elastic Block Store group), research student at Los Alamos National Laboratory (Space and Remote Sensing group), adjunct faculty at UF (CIS-3023 Java programming class), and database admin at the UF Dean of Students.

Reach me at ganeshv at ufl dot edu

[Dec 2011]
Yet Another Guide to Graduate School
[Nov 2011]

I am running the 199 mile RAGNAR relay race from Miami to Key West during Jan 6-7! Our team is named Hogtown Express, follow us here.
[Oct 2011]

My paper on "Evaluation of Cardinal Directions between Complex Regions" got accepted in ACM TODS Journal. yay! Read it here.
[Sept 2011]
Data-science: Here are the slides for my presentations on Google WebTables (paper) and Polaris (Tableau) (paper).