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Multimodeling Object-Oriented Simulation Environment


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OOPM is the new name for what used to be termed "MOOSE". OOPM/MOOSE (Multimodeling Object-Oriented Simulation Environment) represents an implementation for a simulation system that is under construction, and based on an extension to object oriented design. MOOSE is the next generation of SimPack which was initiated in 1990 for providing a general purpose toolkit of C and C++ libraries for discrete-event and continuous simulation.

The purpose of MOOSE is to allow analysts to simulate physical processes by building multimodels. A multimodel is a heterogeneous hierarchy of models where a model component at one level of "abstraction" is sub-refined into a model, possibly of a different type, at the next lower level. There are two aspects of MOOSE: the underlying research that is ongoing to make MOOSE possible, and details of the implementation. We will address both of these issues.

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