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CIS 6930/4930: Human-centered Computer Graphics


Have you ever wondered, "what is the fewest number of individual zombies I have to create to give the impression that 8500 zombies are bearing down on Brad Pitt in World War Z?", or, "when we read a comic, what do we look at?"

This class introduces students to the intersection of computer graphics algorithms with people. Human-centered-ness in computer graphics has two forms: viewer-centered-ness (i.e., what do viewers care about?), and artist-centered-ness (i.e., what do artists care about?). Students will get an insight into the questions researchers have posed (e.g., where do people look at in an image?), the methods they have used to seek answers (e.g., eyetracking), and how this work leads to better algorithms for creating pictures, videos, and animations (e.g., data-driven algorithms). Topics include perceptual studies, crowdsourcing, eyetracking, and motion capture.

Students will learn strategies to read and present research papers, and design and implement a final project. The class is cross-listed as a graduate and undergraduate class.