Statement on Candidacy for Chair of ACM SIGSAC

I ran for chair of ACM SIGSAC and hope that the platform I proposed might still have value to the security community.

I am honored to have served ACM and the security community at large through my involvement with the WiSec community (steering committee member since 2019, program co-chair in 2018), serving multiple other conferences as general chair (IEEE S&P 2017, ACSAC 2020 and 2021) and program co-chair (ACSAC 2013 and 2014, SecureComm 2020, USENIX Security 2022) as well as serving on over 100 program committees, and through editorial board memberships (ACM TOPS, JCS, ACM DTRAP, IEEE TDSC). I have been a beneficiary of the SIGSAC community since early in my academic career and have welcomed opportunities to contribute. The events of the past year have brought into stark relief the opportunities and challenges for the security community; we have seen computer scientists of diverse backgrounds come together to address the security and privacy of our most critical processes and systems, but many injustices have also been laid bare. I want to work closely with the steering committees of SIGSAC conferences and journal editorial to ensure the community grows in a scalable way that increases engagement and representation. It is critical that diverse perspectives are reflected as befitting the global and wide-ranging nature of the community. Additionally, as conferences have taken a drastically different form this year, I want to work with the SIGSAC conferences to determine how to adapt lessons from the virtual setting as we eventually move back to in-person meetings, particularly given concerns such as the carbon footprint of travel and ensuring access for disadvantaged groups.