Who I am

I am a PhD student in the Human Experience Research Lab at the University of Florida under the advisement of Dr. Juan Gilbert. I received my master of science in agricultural and biological engineering also at UF. I am a McKnight doctoral fellow and a UF graduate school fellow. This past summer I worked as a Media Democray Fund Fellow and interned in D.C. working in technology policy at Upturn. I am interested in working at the intersection of policy, computer science, and agriculture.


Stuff I do

I used hyperspectral imaging techniques to detect AMB in apples during my master's thesis. I currently work in the HXR Lab where I test and demo an all-accessible voting machine called Prime III. I am currently looking into usability studies in agricultural technologies and how to develop policies and guidelines for these studies. More information can be found in the links below.

  • Master's Video

  • Labdaze interview

  • Writings on Medium

  • CV