I enjoy going on long drives on curvilinear routes of green mountains and do camping in the lap of mother nature on beautiful clear and sunny day. Plunge myself into natural water falls and enjoy awesome Fall colors around. Cook on the wood fire and walk along the trails. Kayak my way through a river and sleep on music of running water. These are some of the places I dream to visit one day: New Zealand, Austria, Swiss, Kashmir, Caribbean, and Brazil.


I truly believe in the phrase, "If you nurture your body, mind, and spirit, your time will expand." I am regular at tennis and swimming and sometimes play racquetball, cricket, golf, and badminton. I also love to play chess and card games. When it comes to exercises of mind, I do non-chanting meditation.


When I have nothing special to do; bored of reading and surfing, can't go out, and out of good movies, I sit back and try my hands on poetry. Here are some decent marathi poems I have in my collection.

Music n Dance

It would have been adorable to know how to play at least one musical instrument. Let's see if I can be. However, my legs can do some work on bits. I learned six ball room dancing steps recently. Here is the file with few steps written out of my perception Spice Up Your Relationship with Ball Room Dancing.