May 02 Assignment 3 has been postponed to Friday, May 2.

CAP 6701 - Advanced Computer Graphics


If you have questions on any of these problems, look at the FAQ to see if these questions have already been answered before e-mailing the TA or the professor.

Assignment policy

Project 1a - Spheroids
(updated Feb 05)
Tessellate and render triangle Bezier patches. Wednesday, Feb 6 at 11:45pm
Project 1b - Load and render meshes
(updated Feb 11)
Learn the CGAL Half-edge data structure. Wednesday, Feb 13 at 11:45pm
Project 1c - PN triangles
(updated Feb 22)
Use the infrastructure from Projects 1a and b to convert a triangle mesh to a collection of triangle Bezier patches with fake normal patches. Wednesday, Feb 27 at 11:45pm
Project 2a - Simple shaders
(updated Mar 18)
Use the infrastructure from Project 1b to implement Phong shading and environment maping. Monday, Mar 24 at 11:45pm
Project 2b - Implicit surface rendering
(updated Apr 08)
Render implicit surfaces using the fragment shader. Wednesday, Apr 09 at 11:45pm
Project 3 - Implement a paper
(updated Apr 28, 8pm)
Implement and demonstrate one of the listed papers. Postponed to Friday, May 2 at noon

Sample code

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