Byron Williams, Ph.D.

Byron Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Williams’s research has focused on the intersection of software engineering and cybersecurity. Specifically, his research interests include investigating approaches to secure software development, vulnerability assessment using static and dynamic analysis, and security modeling applying statistical and machine learning techniques.

Primary Research Area

Information Security

Research Areas

Information Security, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Software Engineering

Current Courses

CIS 4930/6930 Software Security - Spring 2019


Ph.D., Computer Science, 2009, Mississippi State University
Bachelors, Computer Science, 2004, Mississippi State University

Research Interests

application security, security analytics & metrics, secure software development


Selected Publications

  1. K. Sultana and B. Williams, “A Software Vulnerability Prediction Model using Traceable Code Patterns and Software Metrics, ” IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (review)
  2. Z. Codabux, K. Sultana, and B. Williams, “The Relationship Between Code Smells and Traceable Patterns,” International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, v. 27, no. 9.
  3. K. Sultana, B. Williams and T. Bhowmik, “A Study Examining Relationships Between Micro Patterns and Security Vulnerabilities,” Software Quality Journal, November 2017
  4. Z. Codabux, B. Williams, G. Bradshaw, and M. Cantor, “An Empirical Evaluation of Technical Debt Practices in Industry,” Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, v. 29, no. 10, October 2017
  5. K. Sultana and B. Williams, “Evaluating Micro Patterns and Software Metrics in Vulnerability Prediction,” 6th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Software Mining (SoftwareMining 2017), November 2017 (Co-located with the Automated Software Engineering Conference)
  6. K. Sultana, A. Deo, and B. Williams, “Correlation Analysis Among Java Nano-patterns and Software Vulnerabilities,” 18th IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering, Singapore, January 12-14, 2017.
  7. M. Nadeem, B. Williams, G. Bradshaw, E. Allen, "Human Subject Evaluation of Computer–Security Training Recommender," in Proceedings: 40th IEEE Computer Society International Conference on Computers, Software & Applications (COMPSAC), Atlanta, GA, June 2016.

Awards & Distinctions

ACM Senior Member
Facebook Cybersecurity Service Award (Award BlackHat/DefCON Conference 2018)
Google Faculty Institute Award
Diverse Issues in Higher Education’s Top “Under 40” Emerging Scholars

Contact Information


Office: MAE