Graphics, Modeling, and Art Lab

The Graphics, Modeling, and Art Lab (GMA Lab) supports faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in research and teaching within a broad range of fields, including:

Research in this laboratory is motivated by the driving problem of using computer graphics, geometry, art, and simulation in multi-disciplinary applications. Projects include research into conformal geometry, constraint solving, fusing art and computer science, and building realistic virtual humans and environments for training, simulation, and learning.

Faculty associated with the GMA Lab include:

    Dr. Paul Fishwick

    Dr. Benjamin Lok

    Dr. Jorg Peters


The lab has been recently renovated with new high-end graphics, modeling, and virtual reality equipment, including:

    WorldViz PPT wide area tracker (14' x 14' x 10' tracked volume)

    Virtual Research V8 Head Mounted Display (640x480 true stereo)

    42" Panasonic Plasma TV

    Cyberware Rapid Color 3D Scanner

    Intersense IntertiaCube

    HP Tablet PC

    6 Video Data Projectors with 10' non-depolarizing screen (active and passive stereo)

    High-end PC, laptops, and Sun workstations

    Video editing equipment: Sony MiniDV deck, Sony MiniDV camcorder, and Canon 5 MP digital camera.

    Extensive graphics, simulation, and rendering software suite.

Here are some panorama images of the lab (lab during recent clean up (JPG), (QuickTime VR))

Video of our WorldViz PPT Tracker being installed (Divx5.1 codec)