* Research Picturebook (from 1995, Purdue)

Surface splines
a__ (gif) Definition properties and applications; (short text) properties of surface splines
b__ Basic shapes represented as surface splines (Shaded, BB-net, Isophotes, Gauss curvature, Mean curvature); blends of basic shapes with surface splines (Gauss curvature) A single surface spline representing cubes and cylinders.

Notes on the next three figures
(figure) More examples of C1-surface splines
(figure) Blend ratios for modifying surface splines
(figure) Curvature distribution and interpolation of a part of a cube.
A flattened cube. The left top is not a disk (even though it is almost circular); the right top is an exact disk. Each figure is one surface spline.

Here is a pretty cat. (wow graphics can be great fun) Gaussian and Mean curvature on "the cat" (prediction of Gauss curvature and of Mean curvature)

for_leif vw_shaded vw_patches vw_gauss_curvature

A fancy car model (1) (2) (3)

Implicit surface blending :

some csg blends
cyclide (exact) vs cyclide (implicit Oh^4 approximation)
and a cyclide blend
Sponsors: NSF, Intel, SDRC ... via Grants:
1992: Research Initiation Award: Improving the shape of surfaces by perturbation
1994: National Young Investigator Award; Splines for modeling free-form surfaces.