Artesano modeler

Artesano provides an intuitive interface to modeling complex surfaces. It is based on deforming surfaces with virtual tools rather than by modifying mathematical quantities such as control points or blend ratios. The virtual tools mimic the tools a designer uses for modeling in clay. 

It is primarily intended for the first steps in a design process, where creativity is more important than exactness in the mathematical sense. Even though, the models produced are guaranteed to be smooth and can be easily exported into general CAD-packages. 

It uses the SurfLab's geometry library with an Open Inventor GUI frontend. 

Example objects

Each demonstrates a feature of the modeler
Click on the images to see some examples of the capabilities of the modeler
[ Cartoon image ] Cube 
Basic construction 
Smooth & sharp areas
Cube with hole 
Change of genus
Modeling interface
Local edge sharpness
 [Gripper] Grippers 
Export to other formats
Local deformation
[ Cartoon image ] "Pacho"
Hierarchical surfaces 

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