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TIPS is a new collaborative partnership of surgeons and IT researchers leveraging low-cost hardware and advanced software. Such illustrations are needed for publishing, documenting, teaching, instruction and continuing education outreach and for legal proceedings involving medical documentation.
Our Goal is creating and broadly disseminating a low-cost, computer-based, 3D interactive multimedia authoring and learning environment including force feedback for communication of surgical procedures - that places the specialist in control and at the center of content creation.
The Approach is based on a unique novel paradigm that differs both from commercial training tools and academic surgery simulation in that it puts the specialist surgeon as the author in control and at the center of all content creation. This will open up a completely new channel of communication and outreach between surgical specialist and practicing surgeons or surgeons-in-training (residents).
» This project is supported by NIH (National Institutes of Health) R21 grant “Preserving A Hands-on-Knowledge Base Of Essential But Rare Surgical Procedures”.
» and NIH R01 grant “Safety Instruction and Competency Assessment for Laparoscopy”