Optima Network Science Seminar


Faculty Advisor: My T. Thai
Coordinator: Alan Kuhnle
Time and place for Spring 2017:  2:00pm Wed, E555 CSE Building

by Huiling Zhang on Nov 22, 2016

Truss Decomposition of Probabilistic Graphs: Semantics and Algorithms

Xin Huang, Wei Lu, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan in SIGMOD'16 PDF

by Tianyi Pan on Nov 15, 2016

Controllability of multiplex, multi-time-scale networks

Pósfai, Márton, Jianxi Gao, Sean P. Cornelius, Albert-László Barabási, and Raissa M. D'Souza in Physical Review E'16 PDF

by David Smith on Nov 1, 2016

Structural Predictors of Tie Formation in Twitter: Transitivity and Mutuality

S. Golder and S. Yardi in SocialCom '10 PDF

by Alan Kuhnle on Oct 25, 2016

Successful strategies for competing networks

Aguirre, Jacobo, David Papo, and Javier M. Buldú in Nature Physics'13 PDF

by Tianyi Pan on Oct 11, 2016

Uncovering Multiple Diffusion Networks Using the First-Hand Sharing Pattern

Pei-Lun Liao, Chung-Kuang Chou and Ming-Syan Chen in SDM'16 PDF

by Xiang Li on Oct 4, 2016

De-anonymizing Social Networks and Inferring Private Attributes Using Knowledge Graphs

Z. Wang, B. Moran, X. Wang, and Q. Pan in JOCO'14 PDF

by Huiling Zhang on Sep 20, 2016

Core Decomposition of Uncertain Graphs

F Bonchi, F Gullo, A Kaltenbrunner, Y Volkovich in KDD'14 PDF

by Abdul Alim on Sep 6, 2016

Interference coordination based on random fractional spectrum reuse in femtocells toward Internet of Things

Guomei Zhang, Man Chu, Jie Li in PUC'16 PDF

by Alan Kuhnle on Aug 30, 2016

A Survey of Quantitative Models of Terror Group Behavior and an Analysis of Strategic Disclosure of Behavioral Models

E. Serra and V.S. Subrahmanian in IEEE TCSS'14 PDF

by David Smith on Aug 23, 2016

Approximation for maximizing monotone non-decreasing set functions with a greedy method

Z. Wang, B. Moran, X. Wang, and Q. Pan in JOCO'14 PDF

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