Welcome to our group!

Optima Network Science at the University of Florida, led by Dr. My T. Thai, conducts research on a broad range of topics centered on the optimization and its connection to network science, which is an interdisciplinary academic field, including communication networks, online social networks, smart-grids, and national critical network infrastructures. Our goal is to design optimization models, theories, and approximation algorithms for many fundamental problems arising in complex networks, helping transform the current best effort network to a more reliable and secured infrastructure of which network resources can be optimally exploited. Recent projects, which are listed in the Research page highlight some aspects of our ultimate goal.

Our current research topics include the following:

  • Resilient Interdependent Infrastructures Design
  • Cyber security in Smart Grids
  • Limiting Misinformation and Tracing Culprit in Social Networks
  • Complex Networks Vulnerability and Interdependency
  • Social Networks Analysis & Applications
  • Structural Analysis of Modern Complex Systems
  • Adaptive Approximation Algorithms
  • Security in Wireless Networks
  • Fault-tolerant Communication Protocols in Ad-hoc Networks and D2D
  • Cloud Phenomenon and Coverage in Sensor Networks
  • Network-based Data Mining