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Administrative Staff
Please use the above email for:
HR Needs - Hires, Terminations, Personnel Changes, J1 Requests
Travel Needs - Requests, Reimbursements
Purchasing - Ordering, PCard Receipts (reconciling), Reimbursements
Please use the above email for requesting a CISE conference room.

Name Title Email Phone Office
Al-Ghamdi, Iptihal Research Administrator (352) 294-0471 E358 CSE
Coleman, Cheryl Research Administrator (352) 294-2043 E364 CSE
Colson, Marcia "Tessie" Fiscal Assistant lll (352) 273-2554 E301 CSE
Cunningham, Paula Office Manager (352) 392-1200 E301 CSE
Glisson, Joan HR Assistant (352) 392-0099 E301 CSE
Hsueh, Jessie Fiscal Assistant - Travel (352) 392-0092 E301 CSE
Logan, Allison Marketing & Communication Specialist (352) 273-2608 E322 CSE
Molina, Rodolfo Research Administrator (352) 392-0054 E360 CSE
Spence-Thomas, Cory Associate Director Admin Services (352) 392-0350 E362 CSE
Stephens, Tina Assistant to Department Chair (352) 392-1201 E301 CSE
Williams, Kendra Fiscal Assistant ll - Purchasing (352) 273-4147 E301 CSE

Student Services

Name Title Email Phone Office
Best, Todd Undergrad Advising (352) 392-1090 E411 CSE
Bird, J. Kevin Undergrad Advising (352) 294-2076 E410 CSE
Cook, Adrienne Graduate Advising (352) 392-7392 E408 CSE
McCarty, Jessica Undergrad Advising (352) 294-2075 E409 CSE
Sapp, Kristina Admissions Assistant (352) 392-1090 E409 CSE