Hoggetowne Hack

Hoggetowne Hack TeamA team consisting of students affiliated with the UF CISE Data Science Research Center and Warrington College of Business Administration finished in second place in the 7-hour Hoggetowne Hack 2014, Gainesville (an Open Data movement hackathon). Their concept was “Safe City,” an Android app that promotes safety by helping identify crime-prone areas of the city. Their second place finish yielded a cash prize of $750. The challenge involved roughly 133 data sets available at Gainesville’s Open Data Portal (a Government 2.0 initiative). There were 13 teams presenting their work with people from various local startups such as Grooveshark, roomsync, Gainesville HackerHouse, swampmobile, as well as many others.

Computer & Information Science & Engineering
Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering