CISE Colloquium: Alan Edelman, Ph.D.

CISE Colloquium: Alan Edelman, Ph.D.

Date: January 31, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location: 432 Newell Drive, Room 404 CSE Building, Gainesville, FL , 32611
Host: CISE
Admission: Free

Why Julia?

Abstract: This talk is for those who have never used Julia, and perhaps never imagined using Julia (but please come even if you have!). I will demonstrate why many researchers and classes at MIT and around the world are moving to Julia for research and teaching. In a nutshell, people come for the speed but stay for the experience once they realize how Julia’s composability is downright addictive.

For a preview, try visiting: for the Hyperbolic Corgi (sliders work in HTML), or visit for MIT’s computational thinking class.

Biography: Professor Alan Edelman considers himself to be a pure mathematician and an applied computer scientist, and also proudly collaborates with Philip the Corgi who is featured in many of his demos. He has consulted for Pixar, IBM, Microsoft, & Thinking Machines, and has cofounded JuliaHub and Interactive Supercomputing. He has won many prestigious prizes including a Gordan Bell Prize, Householder Award, IEEE Fernbach Award, and Charles Babbage Award, and was 10th in the nation in the USA Math Olympiad when he was in high school. He is a fellow of ACM, SIAM, IEEE, and the AMS. Most of all he loves the interaction of mathematics and computation.