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UFIT Fellows Program

What is a UFIT Fellow?

UFIT Fellows are students majoring in a CISE degree program (CPE, CSE, CSC, DAS) who participate in valuable research and development projects supporting UF programs. These students email the application to the program at If accepted into the program, they are assigned a UFIT Mentor and enrolled in EGN 4912 (Engineering Undergraduate Research). Together, the Mentor and Fellow will identify an appropriate project. Projects will involve faculty researchers from various departments and other UFIT staff members. In all cases, the student will engage in valuable research and development of computing solutions to important problems.

Program Benefits

UF benefits from the opportunity to have students help design and develop solutions to problems that enhance the effectiveness of its research and other programs.

Students benefit from the opportunity to interact with IT professionals and researchers in various disciplines, learn about new computing paradigms and techniques, employ state-of-the-art resources, and gain experience in using computation to solve actual research problems. These skills can provide an excellent introduction into what one can expect to see in the workplace similar to an internship but carried out while in residence at UF. Work under the UFIT Fellows Program may serve as a basis for senior capstone design projects (CIS 4914) as well.

Program Requirements and Structure

To apply for the UFIT Fellow program, a student must be in good standing in their CISE degree program and have taken COP 3530 (Data Structures and Algorithms). A student must submit the UFIT Application Form and a current resume.

  • Application deadline for the fall semester is August 1.
  • Applications will be evaluated and students will be accepted or denied by Monday the week before fall classes begin.
  • Students who are accepted will be contacted by their assigned mentor before the semester begins.
  • Any required schedule changes will be made in conjunction with CISE advisors before the end of Drop-Add.

Application materials must be submitted to If accepted, the student is assigned to a UFIT Mentor from one of the following areas:

  • Academic Technology
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Information Security Office
  • Infrastructure and Communication Technologies
  • Research Computing

The Mentor and student determine an appropriate research project (possibly in consultation with the UFIT and CISE Fellows Program Coordinators) and then forward the research project to a CISE undergraduate advisor to enroll the student in EGN 4912 (Engineering Undergraduate Research).

The program coordinators will meet with students and Mentors from time to time to monitor and support research progress and insure that their needs are being met.

Course Details

Before entering the program, students should be aware of the following details concerning EGN 4912:

  • A student can register for 0 to 3 hours of credit in EGN 4912.
  • Students nearing graduation may elect to receive 0 hours of credit but may still participate in the program.
  • Students who register for credit in EGN 4912 can expect to spend 3 hours of effort per week for every credit hour they are assigned. The appropriate level of effort will be identified jointly by the student and Mentor before the student is enrolled in the course.
  • There are no class meetings or tests associated with the course, and an S-U grade will be assigned based on agreement of the Mentor and the Program Coordinators.

The student should consult the following links for information on Undergraduate Research in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering as well as the detailed description of the Engineering Undergraduate Research course.

Sample Projects

The following are the types of projects students might expect to engage in under this program:

Academic Technology

Develop augmented reality and/or mixed reality interactions to meet instructional goals. Build web content and course materials possibly including video production

Enterprise systems

Carry out web and mobile app development and database design and management to address various needs.

Information Security Office

Systems and network monitoring for security vulnerabilities, intrusion detection and prevention.

Infrastructure & Communication Technologies

Implement network and systems management tools.

Research Computing

Supporting researchers by mapping their workflow to HiPerGator services and providing web or scripting development to support those workflows.

Program Application

UFIT Fellow Program Application

Program Contacts Program email address (applications and official, archived correspondence)

Erik Deumens: UFIT Fellows UFIT Program Coordinator

Joseph Wilson: UFIT Fellows CISE Program Coordinator

Todd Best: CISE Undergraduate Advisor

Kevin J. Bird: CISE Undergraduate Advisor

Jessica McCarty: CISE Undergraduate Advisor