Name:                 Shayan Javed
Office:                 CSE 337
E-mail:                sjaved at
Office Hours:     M/W/F 12:50 PM - 01:40 PM

Course Info:

Schedule:M/W/F 09:35 AM - 10:25 AM in TUR L005

Texts: There are no required textbooks for this course. The recommended textbook for this course is:

Comprehensive Introduction to Java Programming (8th Edition) by Daniel Liang

Course Description and Objectives:

COP 3503 is the second course of a two-semester introductory sequence for students without prior programming experience. It builds up on COP 3502 (previously CIS 3022), and further explores Object-Oriented Programming using Java as the programming language. Concepts such as inheritance, abstract classes, interfaces, etc. will be introduced. Furthermore basic algorithms and data structures will be discussed, which are useful in solving problems.

By the end of the course students will hopefully have a solid foundation for more advanced courses, and they will be able to start producing complex and useful programs.

(Tentative) List of Topics:


Projects will be submitted through Sakai (E-learning)

Discussion:               10%
Projects (5):             30%
Midterm:                   30%
Final Exam:              30%

Grading Breakdown:

A              92-100
A-            90-91
B+           87-89
B              83-86
B-            80-82
C+           77-79
C              73-76
C-            70-72
D+           67-69
D             63-66
D-            60-62
E              0-59


There will be at least 5 projects assigned in the semester, with each project worth worth 6% of the overall grade.

Projects will usually involve writing quite a bit of code (creating classes and their methods), and grading will be done by comparing output from our solution to yours. So you will have to be careful when producing output from your program (sample output will usually be provided).

Projects usually require quite a bit of work and time, so it is advisable that you start your projects as early as possible when they are assigned.
This will make it much easier for you - you do not want to start a day or two before the deadline and then be stuck on a problem. TAs and the instructor will always be willing to help you out as long as you do it in a timely fashion. Never be afraid to ask for help.

They will be usually due Monday or Friday night (11:59 PM).

Late Submission Policy:

Submitting a project a day late (24 hours) will incur a 10% penalty. 2 days late = 20% and so forth. The limit is 3 days (submissions won't be accepted after 3 days).

Re-grading Policy:

All grading/re-grading issues must be resolved within 1 week of the graded work being returned.  To question an exam grade, you must go see the TA(s) who graded the specific questions during their office hours. 
For project re-grading, see the TA who grades your assignment in his or her office hours immediately.

Teaching Assistants:

Gunhan Gulsoy              ggulsoy at                         Office Hours (CSE 309):     TBD
Aysegul Ozkan               aozkan at                          Office Hours (CSE 309):     TBD
Louis Cheung                 lcheung at                         Office Hours (CSE 309):     TBD
Abdul Alim                     alim at                               Office Hours (CSE 309):     TBD

Here's the table for the TA Office Hour Schedule


The discussion page is here.

NOTE: There will be no discussions for the first week of classes. Make sure you have your CISE account from the previous semester(s).

Class Attendance and Policy:

Class attendance is not required, but highly encouraged because lecture notes will not be given out and you will want to take down notes during class. Class participation is encouraged, and I encourage you to ask questions and provide comments even if you feel shy. Please never hesitate to ask me a question during class, right after class or during office hours.
Cell phones should be turned off or silent before class begins, because a ringing cellphone is a distraction no one needs. A vibrating cellphone is also often a distraction. Laptop usage is allowed but discouraged, since I realize the temptation to check Facebook/Twitter/etc. or play games.

Laptops should mainly be used for note-taking.

Contact Policy:

Come see me (or the TAs) during office hours if you have any questions. We are always willing to help.

When sending emails to me or the TAs, make sure that you include COP 3503 in the subject.
This makes it easier for us to identify and filter the email. Make sure your name is clearly visible in the e-mail.
Before you send an email, go through the syllabus/discussions to see if the answer to your question isn't already there.

Make-up Exam Policy: 

Make-up exams will be given for medical emergencies with supporting documents or if you have a conflict with a class/exam of another course.

Disability Policy:

Support services for students with disabilities are coordinated by the Disability Resource Center in the Dean of Students Office. All support services provided for University of Florida students are individualized to meet the needs of students with disabilities. To obtain individual support services, each student must meet with one of the support coordinators in the Disability Resources Program and collaboratively develop appropriate support strategies. Appropriate documentation regarding the student's disability is necessary to obtain any reasonable accommodation or support service.

UF Honesty Policy:

All students admitted to the University of Florida have signed a statement of academic honesty committing themselves to be honest in all academic work and understanding that failure to comply with this commitment will result in disciplinary action. This statement is a reminder to uphold your obligation as a UF student and to be honest in all work submitted and exams taken in this course and all others. 

UF Counseling Services: 

Resources are available on-campus for students having personal problems or lacking clear career and academic goals. The resources include:

UF Counseling & Wellness Center, 3190 Radio Rd, 392-1575, psychological and psychiatric services.
Career Resource Center, Reitz Union, 392-1601, career and job search services.