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Course Information
Time: MWF: 6th (12:50 to 1:40pm)
Place: CSE Building, E121
Piazza Q&A

Dr. Daisy Zhe Wang
Office hours: Mon 1:40-3pm/Wed 1:40-2:30pm or by appointment.
Office: CSE E456
Covers Part 1 (Data Manipulation, at Scale) and Part 3 (Graph/Text Data Analysis & Communicating Results) in the first 7 weeks of class (Jan-Feb)

Dr. Sanjay Ranka
Office hours: Wed/Fri 3:00-4:00pm or by appointment
Office: CSE E532
Covers Part 2 (Statistical Analytics) and Part 4 (Parallel Computing) in the second 7 weeks of class (March-April).

Teaching Assistants
Kun Li
Office hours: T/R 9:30-11:00 until spring break
Office: CSE E309
responsible for project I and II.

Yupeng Yan
Office hours: Tue 11:45-14:45 / Thu 14:10-17:10
Office: CSE E309
responsible for project III and IV.