Assignment 1


The goal is the first assignment is to familiarize students with LaTeX and given them an opportunity to introduce themselves to Professor Traynor.


Due: August 30, 2018, At the beginning of class.
Points: 10

Academic writing in Computer Science is done using a tool called LaTeX. To familiarize themselves with this tool, students will write a one-page description of themselves. Students should tell the professor who they are, where they came from, what their relevant background is and what area they hope to work on in this class this semester. Note that grammar and spelling count, as they do in real life, so spend time and use tools that will help you make sure the work you hand in is in great shape.

To assist students with their first assignment, I have provided a template here. Please use this to get started on your assignment.

Submission Instructions

Students must turn in an electronic copy of the PDF document created by LaTeX and a copy of the .tex source file. This two sheets must be turned in by the beginning of class on 8/30/2018. Students not using LaTeX will automatically receive a zero.