CAP4773/CIS6930 - Projects in Data Science

Fall 2014 Section 18B9/13GE

Instructors: Daisy Zhe Wang, Sanjay Ranka

MWF 8th (3:00 to 3:50pm); Room CSE E119

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Date Announcement
9/16/2014 The deadline of project proposal is due via Sakai @ 12pm noon EST on 29th Sept (Monday). See guidelines.
9/6/2014 Please check out the course forum at
8/25/2014 Welcome to Projects in Data Science!

Course Description

Advanced topics in data science, individual projects in application areas such as text and image extraction and retrieval, knowledge base construction, pattern mining, social networks, bioinformatics, computational fluid dynamics, vision, etc.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (COP3530) or equivalent.
  • Introduction to Data Science or equivalent.
  • Optional but preferred: Information and Database Systems I (CIS 4301) and an introductory course to probabilities and statistics are pre-requisites.
Course Objectives
In order to address the growing need from both industry and academia (e.g., medical and bio-informatics, financial, law enforcement, economics, decision support, social networks) for big data analytics skills including, data management, data mining, machine learning and data visualization, this course is part of the three-course series in the Data Science curriculum. Building on the foundations of databases and data mining, this course will guide students to work in groups on individualized projects in interest areas such as text and image extraction and retrieval, knowledge base construction, pattern mining, bioinformatics, vision and imaging, sensor and social networks, computational neuroscience, medical informatics and scientific data analysis.



Daisy Zhe Wang Office hours: Mon/Wed 3:50pm-4:50pm (or by appointment) Office: CSE E456 Email: daisyw @ cise

Review of Data Manipulation, at Scale and Graph/Text Data Analysis & Communicating Results. Lead group projects.


Sanjay Ranka Office hours: Mon 2-3pm and Fri 4-5 pm Office: CSE E532 Email: ranka @ cise

Review Statistical Analytics and Parallel Computing. Lead group projects.


Yang Chen Office hours: Thu 4pm-6pm (or by appointment) Office: CSE E309 Email: yang @ cise


Manu Sethi Office hours: Mon 4:30pm - 6:30pm Office: CSE E445 Email: msethi @ cise

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