Interactive 3D Graphics and Physics   cis 6930

The course will combine components of game programming and modeling the human body.
Graphics programming experience (OpenGL or similar) is expected, for example cap4730 or cap5705 .
The course will be project oriented and should be some fun (general learning about interaction using graphics).

Instructor: Dr. Jorg Peters jorg at
Office Hours:
CIS 328
THU 2pm
grading: test 20%   projects and presentations 80% 2-digit IDs taken: 66,79,05,77,84,14,42,45,71,34,09,82
place and time: E222 (see also cse313) Tu 5:30pm, Thursday 5:10-7:05


Lecture Topic Assignments
Introduction, Syllabus, Course structure.
Ashish's Shader Example
CUDA intro
GPU Gems   GPU Gems 2
GPU Gems 3   nvidia samples
Physically based modeling    
  ODEs: Particles   IVPs   BVPs
Project 1   part (a) due Sept 25 via LSS
hint   GP GPU (texture usage)
ode   Verlet   Runge-kutta   multistep   Predictor-corrector (notes)
  Boundary value problem
Proj 1 GLSL shader
Proj 1 PingPong
Mass Spring Model
Jacobi Method   Lagrange multiplier   Linear Complementarity
Simulating Knitted Cloth Constrained Dynamics (ODE systems)
pde   1st order pde   finite difference
Ch 38 of Gems   Ch 38 of Gems   Ch 30 of Gems 3
Project 2   due Nov 03 via LSS
hint   Lihan's hint Sakib's texture support tester
web-spline   FE Hoellig   HilbertPDE   galerkin   Bilinear form
Haptic Intro  
Rotation min frame   Lattice shape matching   Variational Principle
  blender   meshing   gradient   paint
  bending energy   the same, shorter
Project 3   due Dec 12 via LSS
presentation Monday Dec 15 2-4pm

a short test due Dec 9^*


PaperLink NVidia GPU Gems 3,