CIS 6930/4930: Human-centered Computer Graphics

Instructor: Eakta Jain
Office hours: Wednesday 11:30am-1:30pm, E540
Time: MWF, Period 4 (10:40am-11:30am)
Classroom: CSE E121


This class discusses how data collected from humans drives research in computer graphics. Topics include perceptual, behavioral, and self-report data collection methodologies, and perceptually-driven computer graphics algorithms.


Prerequisites: CAP 4730 (Undergraduate Computer Graphics) (or equivalent, for graduate students), Linear Algebra

Tentative Outline:

The set of topics and their order could change depending on class interest and time.

Week Topic Links
Aug 24/26/28

Aug 31/Sept 2/4

Eye movements and Vision
Sept 9/11

Sept 14/16/18

Sept 21/23/25

Sept 28/30/ Oct 2

Oct 5/7/9

Oct 12/14/16

Oct 19/21/23

Oct 26/28/30

Nov 2/4

Nov 9/13

Nov 23

Nov 30/Dec 2/4
Extended office hours, Project presentations

Dec 7/9

Dec 11
Class evaluations end. Office hours to discuss final project presentation grades with instructor

Other Information

  1. You are responsible for making your own groups. I trust you to choose group partners that you will work well with. With your submission, you need to clearly write down what each group member did. I consider it an important learning goal of this class that you will learn to work effectively in a team.
  2. You may use downloaded code in your assignments and projects. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. However, you need to clearly write out which parts were downloaded and from where, and also, what portions you have executed yourself.
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    directories is/are:


    On any department-managed PC running windows, your class space directory/
    directories is/are:


Bonus Topics (to be filled in based on class interest)

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